FDA Updates Recommendations on Safety of Amalgam Fillings

FDA recently updated it’s recommendations about silver dental fillings s, also called dental amalgams.  These fillings contain approximately mercury, which the FDA warns high-risk individuals to avoid getting these fillings. At Horizon Dental Care we only use composite white non-metal fillings due to their esthetic appearance and they help strengthen the tooth because they are

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Dental Care Made Affordable

With the rising cost of healthcare and most recently, unemployment related of the pandemic, many individuals will sacrifice basic preventative care, such as cleanings and checkups simply because they lack insurance benefits.  The Horizon Plan is dental care made affordable.  It is a dental discount plan for uninsured patients and their families offered exclusively through

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Dentistry is “Essential Health Care”

A new interim policy from the American Dental Association (ADA) states dentistry is an “essential health care service” , reaffirming that oral health has long been recognized as an integral part of overall health. Because they consider dentistry an “essential health care service,” that means that even during a pandemic, routine and preventative care is

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Connection between Covid-19 and Gum Disease

Emerging research is now showing a connection between Covid -19 and gum disease. Individuals with underlying gum disease who contract Covid -19 can be at higher risk for serious respiratory complications. Given this information at Horizon Dental Care, we are placing a higher level of focus and urgency on our dental patients who have a history of gum disease. To stay as healthy as possible be sure to keep up to date on your periodontal maintenance and treatment by scheduling (or keeping) your upcoming appointment.

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Dental Health is Important to Overall Health

Covid-19 pandemic has changed many things especially healthcare, but maintaining good oral health remains very important for your overall health. Due restrictions on dental offices during the Covid-19 shutdown, many patients missed their routine cleanings and other non-urgent, but necessary, treatments. It is important for them to get back on track soon rather than later to prevent future dental problems or unexpected emergencies.

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