Give Yourself A Valentine’s Day Gift!

Love your smile! Good oral hygiene is the key to a beautiful and healthy smile, but it is not only important for your health it is also important for those you love.

Did you know that tooth decay can be contagious? Something as simple as kissing your valentine on the mouth, or even sharing a fork, can spread the same bacteria that cause cavities in your mouth to your sweetheart.  Sharing a toothbrush is never a good idea, so get one of your own. Your little valentines, babies and small children, are the most susceptible to contracting that bacteria since their immunity is still developing.

This doesn’t mean you should stop smooching your loved ones but be sure to make good oral hygiene a habit.  Brush for two minutes, twice a day, and floss at least once a day for a cleaner mouth and a cavity-free smile.  Mouthwash and chewing sugarless gum can also help keep bacteria at bay and promote fresh breath. And don’t smoke, it’s just bad for your mouth period.

According to Dr. John Evanish, III of Horizon Dental Care one of the biggest mistakes people make is to avoid the dentist until they’re in pain. “Regular cleanings, at least every six months, can help prevent decay from turning into cavities and reduce levels of cavity-causing, and cavity-spreading, bacteria in your mouth,” says Dr. Evanish.

Give yourself a Valentine’s Day gift and schedule your dental checkup and cleaning   Enjoy a healthy and attractive smile to share with the one's you love!

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