Don’t Let Lack of Insurance Lead to Poor Oral Health

There is a direct correlation between dental benefit coverage and the likelihood that someone will seek and receive dental care. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 45-million Americans don’t have dental insurance. Many of these individuals will skip basic preventative care, such as cleanings and checkups. Still others will put up with painful and dangerous oral health conditions because they fear that they can’t afford treatment.

Like most problems, dental issues, rarely fix themselves. By delaying treatment, patients risk more extensive, more painful, and often more expensive treatment later. Dr. John Evanish of Horizon Dental Care has been practicing dentistry for over twenty-five years. With four offices throughout Northeastern Pennsylvanian, he has seen this scenario play out far too often. “It is heartbreaking when a patient comes to us in terrible pain because a simple cavity, was ignored and has become a serious infection requiring a root canal.” he says. “All too often we also see untreated gum disease that unfortunately, has spread and affected tissue, and bones is compromising the teeth.”

According to Dr. Evanish regular checkups and cleanings are vital not only maintain your dental health, but to detect early signs of any problems that can be treated before it’s too late. Your mouth is the gateway to the health of your entire body. Chronic inflammation caused by gum disease, or periodontitis, is also linked to Diabetes, Heart Disease, and even Hypertension. Additionally, poor oral health increases the likelihood of developing an infection in other parts of the body.

At Horizon Dental Care, Dr. Evanish and his team have taken an innovative approach to solving the dilemma of accessible dental care. “At Horizon Dental Care we want to make sure quality, affordable dental care accessible to everyone. That is why we created The Horizon Plan for individuals and families,” says Evanish.

For a small annual membership fee, The Horizon Plan provides his patients with Free check-ups, free x-rays and fluoride treatments plus discounts from 20 to 100% on all dental services provided at their offices.  For patients who fall into that gap where an employer doesn’t provide dental insurance and they don’t qualify for government sponsored assistance, The Horizon Plan provides a solution to afford the care they need. Horizon Dental Care also has a Corporate Plan that is a less expensive alternative to dental insurance for employees and their families.

Not having dental insurance does not mean you cannot see a dentist regularly and take the necessary steps to prevent greater damage. If your dentist does not offer a discount plan, ask about a payment plan.  Some offices also offer financing plans or patient financing through a third-party company. This is an affordable alternative to making a large payment up front, and incurring interest charges through a credit card, as most plans offer a no-fee financing. If you have poor credit, you may need to have a cosigner to qualify.

Bottom line, good oral health is an investment in your overall health and If you need a dentist, but have no insurance, you can’t afford to put your oral health care on hold.



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